AERO LINE is a type of massage that can be used both separately or together with a hydromassage system

8 air jets (Ø 30 mm)

Compressor power: 700 W.

Price includes: body, frame, drain / overflow, pneumatic switch (or electronic switch, see "Additional options")

The system contains of air jets which are located at the bottom of the bath and an air compressor that blows warm air under pressure into these jets. The flow of air coming out of the aerogets breaks down into millions of small bubbles that rise to the surface of the water and cover your body. In warm water, the pores open and the skin is saturated with oxygen. This system can be combined with chromothepy (see "additional options").

We especially recommend aeromassage if you have sensitive skin, also for bathing children - often, aeromassage becomes a favorite children's entertainment in the bathroom.

Форма ванни прямокутна
Торгівельна марка Італія
Виробник WGT®
Матеріал високоякісний литий акрил Perspex®
Бренд WGTRialto

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