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Hydromassage bathtub is the perfect place to get rid of daily stress and stay away from the stress that threatens our psychophysical balance. Hydromassage gives significant benefits to the body, because we pay special attention to the design of the location of the injectors, as well as the anatomical shape of the inner surface of the bath.High-quality handcraft assembly of massage systems made in a V-shape using pipes for drinking water supply, provides complete drainage of water, preventing its stagnation in the system. Pump power 1,2 kW.



Price includes: bath, frame, drain / overflow, Hydro Line Due, pneumatic switch (or electronic switch, see "Additional options")

* Image has a built-in filling-up system (see "Additional options")

Hydromassage bathtub WGTRialto Turano R 170x90х70 cm HYDRO LINE UNO

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Shape of the bathtub кутова/асиметрична
Location of the bathtub пристінна
Material високоякісний литий акрил Perspex®
Brief description HYDRO LINE UNO is a combination of general massage with oriental massage "shiatsu" for back and feet.

4 injectors for general massage (Ø 80 mm) The peculiarity of the injectors of the general massage is their size. Large injectors allow you to release a powerful stream of water under high pressure, which provides sufficient hydromassage power. The principle of their work is quite simple: the hydraulic pump takes water from the bath and through a system of tubes with great power pushes it through the injectors. The number of injectors is calculated upon the size of the bath and the desired effect, while the set of basic hydromassage is well suited for relaxation and muscle tension relief, as well as for therapeutic effect.To cover larger areas of the body, we have supplemented Hydro Line Uno shiatsu injectors for back and foot massage, which allows you to get an even more pleasant feelings.

4 shiatsu injectors for feet (Ø 30 mm) Hydromassage of the feet is a useful additional option. The set of injectors is located on the board of the bath so that the streams of water fall on your feet when you are in a naturally relaxed position.Thousands of years ago, Japanese doctors used reflexology techniques to affect the spots of the foot in the curement and prevention of various diseases, because acting on the reflex spots, the body's natural forces are released and directed to raise tone and self-healing. Of course, hydromassage of the feet will give you pleasant feelings, will help relieve stress, especially if you are constantly on your feet during the day or prefer shoes with high heels.

8 shiatsu injectors for the back (Ø 30 mm) "Shiatsu" is a well-known acupressure system from Japan. In our hydromassage, the effect of finger massage is simulated by small and powerful streams of water directed simultaneously from 8 injectors of special design.The Shiatsu system is "useful" because it affects all parts of the back and stimulates biologically active spots on the principle of acupuncture.
Manufacturer WGT®
Warranty period, month 48
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